Destination and shipping method Standard price

(Speedy - 24 hr Standard)

4.00 EUR

Neighbouring Coutries EEA
Greece and Romania
(DPD Economy - 2-5 business days)

8.00 EUR

Zone 1
Austria, Hungary and Germany
(DPD Economy - 4-5 business days)

20.00 EUR

Zone 2
Belgium, France, Italy and The Netherlands
(DPD Economy - 4-5 business days)

30.00 EUR

Zone 3
Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Luxembourg, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia and Spain
(DPD Economy - 4-5 business days)

35.00 EUR

Zone 4
Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Finland, Portugal, Sweden, Serbia, Switzerland, Norway, Ireland
(Postal shipping - usually less than 14 days)

50.00 EUR

Zone 5
Canada, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Russia and the USA
(Postal shipping - usually less than 14 days)

50.00 EUR


For countries that are not listed above, please contact us in advance and we’ll advise you about the shipping methods that we can offer you and the costs for it.

We use a tracked service for all shipping zones and we’ll email you the tracking link as soon as possible. The postal packages arrive in less than 2 weeks in most cases, but in very few cases it can take longer.

All packages are insured.